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Help support teachers’ salaries and unsponsored children
Help Provide Meals to Students and the Community
Give to Construction Projects and Emergency Medical Fund
Donations to the RLC school help to support teachers’ salaries, unsponsored children, school supplies, and general maintenance to the school property
The Breakfast and Lunch Programs at RLC School have made a significant difference in the general health of the children.  Malnutrition is a primary cause of school absenteeism. It is difficult to learn when your tummy is empty.   The meal program also supports community outreach to the extremely impoverished communities within minutes of the school.

You can help support the meal programs with a monthly, annual, or one-time donation.

The Construction Project Fund is important to meet the ever-changing and ongoing needs of the RLC School.  As enrollment increases each year, the needs of children and their families grow and change.  Construction of new classrooms, availability of amenities like safe water and electricity, and improvements to the physical plant at the school are continually growing needs that must be met through the Construction Fund.  There are always medical emergencies that field workers must address.  Support of the Emergency Medical Fund enables them to meet those needs that are often life-threatening.  Those who understand, willingly give to these “wherever needed most” funds.

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Latin American Children's Fund is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to meeting the educational, physical and spiritual needs of children and lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ