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Thank you for deciding to sponsor a child at the Roma Lee Courvisier School!  Select a child and you will be directed to the online giving form.  Please include the child’s RQP# and first name in the field provided on the form.  You may select a child and choose to mail in your payment.  Please call or email us the RQP# and first name of the child you would like to sponsor.  If you have met a specific child and would like to know if he or she is available for sponsorship, please contact us at sponsorachild@lacfperu.orgIf you have a child that you are currently sponsoring and would like to set up a recurring automatic gift, you can access the form HERE.  Please include your child’s RQP# and first name in the field provided.


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Joshua Aaron

Age:  6

Grade:  First

Joshua enjoys playing group games and playing with action figures.


Irene Abigail

Age:  7

Grade:  Second

Abigail enjoys playing with her friends and playing with dolls.  Her favorite school subjects are Math and Science.


Antonia Kiomi

Age:  7

Grade:  Second

Antonia likes playing ball games.  Her favorite subjects in school are Math, Communication, and Religion.


Mia Xiomara

Age:  8

Grade:  Third

Mia’s favorite courses in school are Math and Art.  She enjoys playing with dolls and visiting her grandmother.


Eycon Said

 Age:  8

Grade:  Third

Eycon enjoys swimming and reading.  He also likes to play soccer.  His favorite school subjects are math and biology.


Dannahe Julieth

Age:  8

Grade:  Third

Dannahe enjoys drawing and playing house.  Her favorite subjects in school are… well, all of them!


Valeria Ruth

Age:  9

Grade:  Fourth

Valeria loves to draw and listen to music.  Her favorite subjects in school are Art and Music.  Of course!



Age:  12

Grade:  Seventh

Milena likes to play with her sister and play volleyball.  Her favorite subject in school is Math. 



 Age:  13

Grade:  Eighth

Alejandra is a very good student. She is usually the first in her class to turn in her homework.  Her favorite subjects are Biology and Math.  She likes to play volleyball, basketball, and handball.


Saúl Del Piero

 Age:  14

Grade:  Ninth

Saúl likes to play chess and soccer.  His favorite subjects in school are Math and Physical Education.


Jhoselyn Alexandra

 Age:  15

Grade:  Eleventh

Jhoselyn likes to play with her friends and play volleyball. Her favorite subjects in school are Communication and Anatomy.  Jhoselyn is in her last year of highschool and will graduate in December 2021.


Ronald Samuel

 Age:  15

Grade:  Tenth

Ronald likes to watch TV and play soccer.  His favorite subjects in school are Chess and Religion.


Nolberth Esmith

 Age:  12

Grade:  Eighth

Nolberth likes watching TV and playing Soccer.  His favorite subjects in school are Reading and Home Room.